Restore Plus Granules

Restore Plus Granules

The original price is 200USD/box, but now only sale on 120USD/box!
Products are sold on a first come first served basis.

As the research said, there are about 80% HIV carrier feel betteafter take the Granules about one week. As the same time, the physical examination result show out the patient’s health is improving. Continuous use for a period of time, the HIV virus are undetectable.
By the way, that is not only suit for the HIV carrier, but also suit for the old age and weak physical.

“Restore Plus Granules” consists of several well-known natural plants and has no any additives.All ingredients contained are in line with the requirement of Ministry of Health of the Hong Kong Government on crude materials for medicine and food.
The production process is strictly in accordance with GMP.
Restore Plus is a high-tech special herbal product for people in poor health ,it improves the quality of life and vigor ,endurance and strength.
It is indicated for patients whose immune system have weakened, to boost the immune system.


Composition: Each 15g sachet contains: 23.33% Aloe ferox Miller,16.67% Ginkgo biloba L.,16.68% Citrus reticulata Blanco,13.33%Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.,13.33%Lonicera japonica Thunb.,13.33%Houttuynia cordata Thunb.,3.33%Cordyceps sinensis(Berk.) Sacc.

Direction for Use:
Constitute 1 sachet (15g) in a glass of hot water thrice a day;
Only between 6-12 years, 1/2sachet once, thrice a day.

Net Content: For sachet labeling: 15g granules.
For box labeling: 15g×30 sachets.




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